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Jay & Jase Foundation

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Founded in April 2022, the Jay & Jase Foundation was created following the birth of Jase Scherline, the first grandchild of her grandfather and namesake, Jay. With the guidance and support that Jay and his wife Lorrie provided, their children were able to start their own businesses and follow their career passions while also focusing on community outreach, building a better Lehigh Valley and growing a business side by side with family. 

The Jay & Jase Foundation focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs, start-up companies and those in need of assistance and career direction in any capacity necessary to achieve their goals. Valuable time, business guidance and financial support is provided to enable the next wave of entrepreneurs to thrive in the Lehigh Valley. Jase’s parents hope that one day their daughter can continue in the entrepreneurial path which Jay and Lorrie were gracious enough to pass down to their children. 

Some ideas just need a little jump start and a little marketing or financial help. The Jay & Jase Foundation hopes to instill entrepreneurial values and guide those who are in need of a helping hand while building a business, start-up endeavor or passion project.


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